How To Determine The Size Of Your Engagement Ring Precisely

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Your engagement ring is supposed to be worn forever, so it is important for it to fit your finger perfectly. Therefore, it is better to measure the ring size precisely before getting your ring. Otherwise, it can be too fit or too loose on your fingers. Both situations can be uncomfortable. A ring that is too tight can even cut your circulation, and if it is too loose, then you might lose it easily.

Therefore, we provide a guide that can be helpful for determining your ring size accurately.

Determining The Right Ring Size

Finding out the right band fit can be one of the difficult tasks associated with choosing a ring. When determining the size of your ring, there are several important factors you have to consider. Some of them are listed below:

Changes In Finger Size

Your finger size may increase or decrease because of different reasons. Factors including diet, temperature, and pregnancy can affect the size of your fingers. Therefore, it can be difficult to choose the exact ring size. However, it is possible for you to resize your ring in later stages if your finger size changes.

Finger Shape

Another important factor to consider when choosing your ring size is the shape of your fingers. Some people can have tapered fingers that can widen towards the base. Rings can easily fall off such fingers if they move upwards. In such situations, it is important to choose a ring that fits the fingers snugly.

Some people have knotted fingers where the knuckles in the middle part of the finger are the widest part. In such cases, the ring might be a little loose at the base of your finger. If you have such fingers, you can use sizing beads to adjust the size of the ring. They can be easily added to your ring to reduce its size.

The Size Of The Band

Whether you have a bezel set ring or a prong set ring, the width of the band plays a great role in determining how fit it can be. Rings with higher band width tend to fit more snugly than rings of small width. Therefore, you have to consider the width of your band when choosing a ring size. So in addition to considering whether to choose a bezel setting, channel setting, or prong setting for your ring, it is important to consider the size of the band too.

If you are getting the ring for yourself, then your jeweler can measure the size properly. But if you are planning to surprise your significant half, then make sure to get her ring size correctly. Otherwise, the ring might not fit her properly.

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