Choosing Between Princess-Cut Diamonds And Round Brilliants

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Diamond Engagement Ring
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Engagement Rings

Both round brilliants and princess-cut diamonds are two commonly used options in engagement rings. Both of these stones are known for their stunning brilliance and sparkle. The round brilliant diamonds have the most sparkle among them and the princess-cut stones attract people with their unique square shape. If you have your eyes set on the shiniest stones, then round diamonds and princess-cut diamonds can be suitable for you. If you find it difficult to choose between these diamond shapes, then read along to know which can be the best option for you.

Round Brilliants

The most popular shape in the diamond industry is round brilliant stones because of their incomparable sparkle and classic look. For brides who love to go with the traditional look, round diamonds can be a wonderful choice.

This diamond shape creates a versatile design as it can be perfect for all ring settings including solitaire, channel, halo, vintage, three-stone settings, etc. It can also suit most people irrespective of the shape and size of their hands.

Because of the incredible sparkle exhibited by round brilliants, they can efficiently hide inclusions and blemishes. Hence, you can choose a round diamond with lower clarity grades without worrying about it affecting the appeal. This can be helpful for you to save a significant amount on your engagement ring.

But round brilliants are highly expensive in comparison with other diamond shapes because of their high demand and low yield when the diamond is cut from the rough stone. But you can get round-cut lab grown diamonds for much more affordable rates if you are looking for less expensive engagement rings.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

This stunning diamond shape can be an appealing choice for people who want a shiny ring with a non-traditional look. The square shape and sharp corners of princess cut diamonds can make them a unique and beautiful choice for engagement rings.

As these stones also have great brilliance, they can hide imperfection well which helps you to save money by compromising on the clarity grade. Princess-cut diamonds also create a versatile option, as they can be used to create a wide variety of ring designs.

Additionally, princess-cut diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds, as most parts of the rough stone can be retained while cutting this particular diamond shape.

But their durability can be less in comparison with round diamonds, as their sharp corners make them vulnerable to damage.

So when choosing between the princess and round diamonds, you should consider their positive and negative features to know the right option for you. At RockHer you can customize your own ring to ensure its exactly how you envisioned it. If you are unsure of how you want your ring to look, experienced professionals are available for your assistance.

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