Want To Get Affordable Diamonds – Here Are The Tips

buying diamonds

The huge price associated with diamonds makes these stones not affordable for a lot of people. But, it is possible for you to get diamonds at lower prices by compromising on certain quality parameters. Here are some helpful tips for you to get diamonds at affordable price ranges.

Buy Online

Buying diamonds from online retailers is much more affordable than buying diamonds directly from jewelry stores. You might have to spend additional tax and other charges when getting diamonds from jewelry stores, which can be avoided when buying online.

But when purchasing diamonds online, make sure to buy from reputable jewelers, as there can be a large number of scammers in this field.

Get Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown or synthetic diamonds are less expensive than natural ones. The price of synthetic diamonds is found to be almost 30% less than natural stones. So you can save a comparable amount by choosing lab grown diamonds over natural ones.

This price difference won’t affect the appearance of your diamonds. Both natural and synthetic stones have the same chemical and physical features. You cannot identify between them unless you are an expert in this field. Even experts in the gemological field might need the help of powerful lenses to identify between natural diamonds and their lab-grown counterparts. So your diamond rings made of synthetic diamonds can look as pretty and shiny as jewelry with natural diamonds.

Compromise On Clarity

The clarity grade is an important parameter that can affect the cost of your diamonds. A diamond with higher clarity grade can have a great value and huge price ranges.

Clarity is the measure of inclusions, blemishes, cracks, spots, and other flaws that affect the appearance of diamonds. These flaws can have a great impact on the brilliance of your stones thereby diminishing their beauty. Hence, people prefer diamonds with higher clarity grades for increasing the brilliance and beauty of these stones.

lab grown diamond
lab grown diamond

But if you compromise on this quality parameter, it will be possible to reduce the price of your diamonds to a great extent. So compromising on the clarity grade can be a great option for you if you want to get diamonds for affordable prices.

Choose Shapes Other Than Round

Round diamonds are the most expensive ones among all the diamond shapes. There is also a wide range of other shapes that are much affordable than these stones. Some of them are princess, cushion, pear, heart, oval, etc.

You can compromise on other quality parameters like the cut and color to reduce the price ranges of diamonds. Additionally, diamonds with higher carat weights can be much expensive than diamonds with lower carat weights. So you can choose jewelry settings like cluster settings that involve a large number of small diamonds instead of a big diamond.

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