White Gold Vs Platinum: Which Is The Better Option?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

A lot of people prefer white metal for their diamond rings to complement the stunning sparkle created by these stones. White gold and platinum are the popular options for diamond rings because of their soft white look. Even though both of these metals have a similar appearance, there are different factors that set them apart. If you find it difficult to choose between white gold and platinum, then read along to find out which can be the right choice for you.


If you tend to work with your hands a lot, then you will need a durable metal to avoid your ring getting damaged or scratched easily. In this case, platinum can be the best choice for you, as it has great durability.

White gold is a soft metal in comparison with platinum, so the chance for your ring to get scratched is more. If durability is important to you, then platinum wins the rivalry.


White gold comes with certain alloys like nickel that are added to make it more white and shiny. But this metal can be allergic for some people. If your skin is sensitive to nickel, then wearing a ring made of white gold can cause allergies.

But platinum is naturally white, so there is no need to add alloys to it. This metal itself does not create any allergies. Therefore, platinum can be a hypoallergenic option for you to choose.


Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

There can be a significant difference between platinum and white gold in terms of their price. Platinum is very expensive and this metal is rare. White gold can be less expensive than platinum which makes it an ideal option for people on a budget.

However, if you want platinum for your diamond ring but it’s beyond your budget, then choose lab grown diamonds instead of natural ones. This can help you save a significant amount on your diamonds that can be used on the metal. Hence, the total cost of your diamond rings won’t increase greatly.


The white coating of white gold can wear off after a few years. Hence, you will have to re-plate your white gold ring to improve its look.

But platinum is free of this issue, as its white color won’t be affected even after a long period. Hence, platinum rings can be easy for you to maintain.

Platinum and white gold can greatly vary in terms of their features. Therefore, you have to consider their specialties and your budget before selecting an option for you.

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