Fun Facts About Laboratory-Made Diamonds

Delicate Diamond
Delicate Diamond
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

High temperatures and extreme pressure contribute to the formation of diamonds deep under the surface of the earth. Artificial diamond creation necessitates mimicking the different conditions that influence natural diamond formation. Here, we will discuss many interesting facts regarding labgrown diamonds that you might not know.

The First Diamond In A Lab Was Made Over 70 Years Ago

The first type of artificial diamond was made way back in 1950 for industrial purposes. Over the last many years, lab-created stones have been made better and rival natural diamonds in all possible ways. The first set of gem-quality artificial diamonds was made in 1971; in the 2010s, colorless lab diamonds came into the jewelry market.

Lab-Created Diamonds And Mined Diamonds Are Almost Identical

There are no differences between these two diamonds besides the difference in their source. Pure carbon crystals constitute both forms of diamonds. The two gemstones are physically, optically and chemically the same.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Picking artificial diamond rings means lessening the harmful environmental effects of diamond mining. At the same time, you can get a top-quality product at an affordable rate that can last a long time.

Buying The Diamonds Also Supports The Whole Industry

Purchasing an artificial diamond or diamond jewelry piece is a way of supporting the industry. The amount of money that customers pay for it goes towards laser lenses, water purification equipment, surgical knives and other hi-tech applications.

These Are Also Conflict-Free Diamonds

In the case of diamonds, conflict diamonds refers to the stones that come out of mines through unethical activities, such as child labor, and illegal practices. Some of those diamonds may also be smuggled to finance illegal activities.

On the other hand, there is no mining involved in the creation of these diamonds. For that reason, people also refer to them as conflict-free diamonds.

Diamond Industry Itself Propagates Lab Diamond Myths

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

You perhaps know that there are myths about artificial diamonds. Almost all of those myths emerge from the industry itself as it tries to prevent the continued growth of cultured diamonds. That said, many jewelers that started their business journeys with mined diamond jewelry pieces now offer their artificial counterparts.

The Pope Even Blessed The Diamond

Pope Francis in Rome blessed an artificial diamond to symbolize the importance of promoting sustainable jewelry production practices. The Pope was in Rome as part of the recent Thanksgiving ceremonies here.

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