What To Know About Pink Diamonds

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Pink diamonds are a stunning and unique choice for engagement rings. Because of the spectacular color and rarity of these stones, a lot of people prefer to include these stones in their engagement rings to showcase their love and commitment. If you are considering buying pink diamonds, then the following are some of the important facts you should know:

Pink Diamonds Can Be Costly

Pink diamonds are extremely rare when compared to other colored diamonds. Hence, they carry great value and significance. These diamonds can be very costly, especially those with higher carat weights.

Pink diamonds are the second rarest in fancy-colored diamonds after red diamonds. Their rarity and vibrant color contribute to the great value and cost of these stones.

But it is possible for you to purchase pink diamonds for more affordable rates if you get lab grown diamonds. These synthetic stones can have significant price differences in comparison with natural ones. So if you are looking for affordable pink diamonds, then it is better to go for man-made stones.

The Color Origin Of Pink Diamonds Is Still Mysterious

Colored diamonds get their colors because of the presence of some impurities. Nitrogen creates the yellow color in diamonds, whereas, the blue color is contributed by boron. Similarly, different elements are responsible for creating various colors in diamonds.

But the origin of the pink color in diamonds is still unknown. The most accepted theory that explains the color in pink diamonds states that this color is a result of the extra pressure exerted on the stone during its creation.

Pink Diamonds Come In Different Color Combination

Pure pink diamonds are very rare. The pink diamonds you often see can come in different secondary colors like brown, purple, orange, and gray. Purplish pink is the most popular option among them.

Pink Diamonds Are Valuable Despite The Inclusions

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Pink diamonds carry great value even if they have heavy inclusions. The color in these diamonds helps to mask the inclusions thereby retaining their value and price.

Fancy Cuts Are Best For Pink Diamonds

Even though brilliant cuts are commonly preferred for colorless diamonds, fancy cuts are popular in colored diamonds. These cuts can efficiently showcase the color in diamonds. Some of the best cuts for your pink diamonds include cushion, radiant, heart, and marquise. They can enhance the color of your pink diamonds.

When buying pink diamonds, find out whether they are treated. Certain treatments can be applied to colored diamonds to enhance their color. However, their value can be inferior to that of natural pink diamonds.

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